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Coffee & TV go ‘Backstage with Adam Driver’ | Squarespace Big Game Commercial 2023


The show-stealing ‘behind-the-scenes’ teaser for Squarespace’s Big Game commercial is populated entirely by multiple Adam Drivers; brought to life with VFX/colour grading from London-based Coffee & TV.


Squarespace sees Super Bowl less as an opportunity for ‘a singular, silver bullet 30-second spot during the game’, and more as a chance to tell a narrative over time. In 2023, this approach saw the creation of a smash hit 2 minute teaser film, released ahead of the Super Bowl, conceived and directed by the company’s in-house creative team. The effectiveness of the spot hinges on a believable ‘mockumentary film’ approach, and the seamless comedic interaction of multiple versions of Adam Driver. Squarespace chose Coffee & TV, renowned for seamless work, to execute the world-class VFX and colour grading that took viewers behind-the-scenes of a Super Bowl ad with Adam Driver, Adam Driver and…Adam Driver.


For the idea to be as effective as it was proven to be, it was essential for viewers to connect with the spot as a ‘behind-the-scenes’ film, and for the multiple versions of Adam Driver to believably interact with one another in a single environment.



The focus for Coffee & TV artists throughout was on combining multiple layers from the live action shoot, to make the interaction between multiple Adam characters, and the environment, make believable sense. Assembling this jigsaw meant paying very close attention to issues like the scale, alignment and shadows from the different takes, ensuring, for example, that when one Adam speaks to another, he is looking in the right direction for that to be believable. Additional VFX details like enabling Adam to put his arm across…Adam also lends heightened believabiIity and fluidity to the spot.


VFX artists also ensured that the world around the Adams makes sense from a continuity point of view, and that elements like doors, chair legs and equipment are in realistic position with any branding removed. Coffee and TV’s relaxed colour grade keeps things firmly ‘behind-the-scenes’, with a look that isn’t overly stylised or filmic.


For critical review sessions, Squarespace and Coffee & TV collaborated and reviewed progress via a VFX livestream which enabled the Squarespace team to provide immediate feedback and see immediate results, despite the time difference for UK/US based teams.  




views YouTube (Feb 2023)


TikTok (Feb 2023)


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Visual Effects

Simona Cristea looked after the colour grade, with VFX done by the Coffee & TV 2D team.


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