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Come play in the real Metaverse

APRIL 12, 2023

Summary video of session delivered at UK House x SXSW 2023. The Metaverse has a PR problem – there’s been too many pretenders shouting that they own the future without anything to back it up (eg the active population in Decentraland on an average day is 810…) The real Metaverse is being built in the real world by the world’s best video game companies and creators. Today, AAA platforms like Fortnite are co-creating true Metaverse experiences hand in hand with a huge community of creators and players. These experiences are not some tedious VR Second Life clones – they are vibrant communities of play that persist across games, streaming, and social platforms. They don’t take you away from your real life, but rather make it more connected, surprising and downright fun. So join us as we learn from industry experts, creators and gamers about the opportunities in the real Metaverse – video games.


Jonny Shaw – CEO, VCCP+
Mackenzie Jackson – Co-Founder, Alliance Studios
Dante Simpson – Co-Founder ESPAT TV
SypherPK – Pro Streamer
Gideon Lichfield – WIRED (Moderator)

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