PingPong Digital speak at SHIAF 2021

For a British cross-border advertising agency like us, there is hardly anything more relevant and timely than the networking event jointly organised by DIT China and the UK Advertising Exports Group (UKAEG) as part of the Shanghai International Advertising Festival (SHIAF). 


On June 30th, at the British Center located in Garden Square at the heart of Shanghai, in the presence of Mr. Chris Wood, British Consul General to Shanghai, PingPong Digital was privileged to join dozens of fellow British advertisers and emerging Chinese brands, in exchanging best industry practices, and exploring future opportunities. We were also joined by industry leaders like Unilever and T-mall, who shared invaluable insights into their industries and the market as a whole.


Emerging Chinese companies looking to “Sail Across the Seas” to International market made a big impression at the event this year. And it was nothing but expected, considering China is one of the most successful countries in controlling the coronavirus pandemic in the past 18 months and is leading in the race of economic recovery.


The emerging Chinese brands, from male cosmetics to sports, from industrial park to pet technology, with whom we shared a panel, displayed an extraordinary enthusiasm in innovation and branding. This is completely different from what we encountered eight years ago, when PingPong Digital first came to China in 2013. These young brands, mostly run by a new generation of entrepreneurs, boldly set their goals to rival some of the biggest names in the world and beyond.


But for many such brands, succeeding in China is one thing, to successfully “Sail Across the Seas” is another, particularly when they eye for some more mature markets like the Europe and north America, where competitions are fierce and consumers are hard to please.


As a full-service cross-border advertising agency, we here at PingPong Digital have helped hundreds of international businesses and organisations of various natures to achieve brand successes in China through digital adverting over the years. Along the way, we distilled a model that we believe can be useful for any brand trying to “Sail Across the Seas”, no matter you are sailing to China or out of China.


Introducing our “CPP” model — Comprehension, Preparation and Penetration. A linear phased approach to maximise your brand’s chance to develop a local following.


It’s simple, really. Any brand who wants to crack a different market needs to understand the market, first. Then, do all the necessary preparation, more the merrier, more the bigger the chance of success. And finally, win over the market with the most relevant strategy and creative.


But it is also difficult, because it involves a lot of work and patience, and above all, respect for the market and culture.


And this is what we shared during the event.


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