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Creative Business Network: Michael Moszynski represents the UK Creative Sector in Poland

OCTOBER 16, 2023

Michael Moszynski, UK Advertising Export Ambassador and LONDON Advertising CEO, took the stage at Creative Business Network, an extension of Poland’s renowned Filmteractive event. Filmteractive has served as a hub for culture managers, digital industry leaders, and creative sector executives seeking innovation and partnership opportunities for over a decade. During his interview with Oleg, Filmteractive’s Founder, Michael delved into how UKAEG was started by the industry and the unique partnership it has with Government and the Department of Business and Trade.

With advertising exports exceeding £15 billion in 2021, the UK ad industry has continued to be a leader in the field, and taking the stage at events like this to passionately advocate for the UK sends a compelling message to the world and ensures our continued growth.

Michael Moszynski

“As someone of Polish descent it was a great honour to be able to represent UK Creative Industries at the Filmteractive Event in Warsaw, which is a gathering of the Polish creative sector.

The last time I had been in the City, fifty years ago, it was under communism and since then Poland has been transformed through the ingenuity and hard work of its people.  The creative sector here is testimony to that.

At the event I heard about how the talent pool in digital, AI and blockchain has been enhanced by the influx of Ukranians since the invasion.  How the City of Lodz has created a cluster effect of related creative and tech start-ups by pooling their resources and strong marketing. 

I also learnt first hand how Polish companies can provide added-value and cost competitive services to the UK creative sector, but their challenge is that they do not know how to reach them.

What does seem to be lacking though is any significant support for the sector from Government.

In my presentation I was also able to highlight how UKAEG working in partnership with the UK Government’s Department of Business and Trade has provided direct support to aid the growth of UK creative sector, which is creating new jobs at five times the rate of the rest of the economy.

The Government has also helped the flourishing start-up sector through SEIS (the most generous incentive to invest in start-ups on the planet) and the introduction of Employee Ownership Trusts which my agency has adopted to sell our business to our staff, so avoiding the challenges of being owned by one of the large Groups.

I am therefore delighted to announce that the Founder of Filmteractive, Olgierd Cygan, is planning to bring a range of Polish creative agencies to the UK with the support of the British Council and the Polish Embassy in London.  He has asked UKAEG to provide an interface with our sector to give our agencies the opportunity to explore potential partnerships.

The opportunity for Anglo-Polish co-operations and partnerships I am pleased to report looks like an idea whose time has come.”

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