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Julian Douglas Champions UK Advertising at CIFTIS 2023


Julian Douglas, VCCP and UKAEG Export Ambassador, took the stage at the prestigious China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) this week. This renowned event, held in Beijing, is the largest exhibition in China dedicated to the world of trade in services.

CIFTIS is more than just an exhibition; it’s a glimpse into the future of trade in services. In an increasingly interconnected world, this event provides a platform for businesses and nations to explore opportunities, form partnerships, and collectively shape the future.

One industry that has been making waves in China is UK advertising. With its combination of creativity, and strategic insights, innovation, UK advertising agencies and brands have successfully captured the attention of Chinese consumers. They have adapted their campaigns to resonate with local audiences, showcasing innovative storytelling techniques that have carved out a niche in China’s advertising landscape.

Julian Douglas, shared his insights into the global expansion of UK advertising at CIFTIS. With his eye on the future, he highlighted the immense potential for growth and further collaboration between the UK Advertising Export Group and their Chinese counterparts such as the Chinese Advertising Association.

The presentation highlighted that the UK’s success in advertising is not just limited to China. On the global stage, British agencies, creatives, consistently shine at prestigious awards like Cannes Lions, earning recognition for their exceptional campaigns. This success underscores the UK’s prominent position in the global advertising industry and its reputation for producing groundbreaking and impactful work.

CIFTIS 2023 celebrated the strong economic ties between China and the UK by designating Britain as the guest country of honour. This recognition showcases the UK’s significant contributions to the global trade in services and the robust economic partnership between the two nations. The future of UK advertising on the global stage looks promising, and as the conference comes to an end, new collaborations are set to reshape the landscape of advertising for years to come.

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