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LS Productions and Billion Dollar Boy: Powerhouses on the Sunday Times List of 100 Fastest Growing UK Companies

JULY 13, 2023

The UK business landscape is an ever-evolving ecosystem, brimming with innovative enterprises that contribute to its economic growth. Among the myriad of ambitious companies, UKAEG members LS Productions and Billion Dollar Boy have emerged as powerhouses, securing spots on the prestigious  Sunday Times Hundred List , a celebration of the entrepreneurial achievements of the UK’s fastest-growing private companies  These remarkable achievements not only underscore their business acumen but also highlight their ability to adapt and thrive in an increasingly competitive global market.

LS Productions has established itself as a trailblazer in the creative production industry. Founded in 2006, the company has been at the forefront of delivering world-class production support to some of the most iconic brands globally. Based in Edinburgh and with offices in London and Manchester, LS Productions has expanded its operations and now boasts an international footprint. The company’s inclusion in the Sunday Times list is a testament to its exceptional growth rate, driven by its relentless pursuit of excellence and commitment to client satisfaction. This has been driven by a commitment to creating original content in the form of LS Films, expanding their global film & TV service offering and investing in specialist production streams of commercial, fashion, music and sport.”

Marie Owen, Founder, LS Productions commented “We’re so proud to represent the creative industries on this list and in particular the UK production service and will be using the platform this news gives us to draw attention to all the incredible work that goes on in this industry every day.”

Billion Dollar Boy: a global influencer marketing agency HQ’d in London, has made a remarkable impact in the industry. The company has harnessed the power of social media to drive brand awareness and consumer engagement for its clients. Founded in 2014, Billion Dollar Boy has experienced exponential growth, transforming itself into a global force in influencer marketing. Billion Dollar Boy provides brands with a comprehensive suite of services, including influencer identification, campaign planning, content creation, and performance tracking. The company’s data-centric approach ensures that influencer campaigns deliver tangible results. With an extensive portfolio of successful award winning campaigns across diverse brands, Billion Dollar Boy has demonstrated its ability to navigate the ever-changing landscape of marketing, solidifying its position as an industry leader.

BDB Europe CEO and co-founder, Thomas Walters says: “It’s always a fantastic achievement to make these kind of lists. Growth is not just an indicator of financial gain, but affirmation the risks, the chances to innovate, the decisions we made – and those we didn’t – or the missteps we took the opportunity to learn from, were the right ones. I’m incredibly grateful to all our clients, partners, colleagues and collaborators who help make these achievements possible.

Aisling Conlon, International Trade Director for UK Advertising, Advertising Association noted “LS Productions and Billion Dollar Boy have emerged as formidable players in their respective specialisms, earning well-deserved recognition on the Sunday Times list of 100 fastest growing UK companies. Their stories exemplify the resilience, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit that underpin the UK business landscape. LS Productions’ mastery in creative production and Billion Dollar Boy’s prowess in influencer marketing have propelled them to the forefront of their industries, attracting prestigious clients and achieving remarkable growth rates.

As LS Productions and Billion Dollar Boy continue to evolve and expand their operations, their presence on the Sunday Times list serves as inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and established businesses alike. These companies exemplify how dedication to quality, adaptability, and a customer-centric approach can pave the way for extraordinary success. The future looks bright for LS Productions, Billion Dollar Boy, and UK Advertising as a whole, as they continue to push boundaries, innovate, and drive global growth.

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