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SXSW PanelPicker!

AUGUST 9, 2023

Calling all supporters of UK Advertising. It’s time to make our mark at SXSW 2024! 

Community voting is crucial in shaping SXSW 2024, and your vote can make a real difference. UK Advertising have been through a bootcamp to fine tune our submissions. We have everything from fan engagement to building brands in 100 days, from AI to changing societal norms . 

⌛The PanelPicker voting is open for two weeks ⌛

Setting up your account takes just 1 minute, and voting for our entries only requires 30 seconds.

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UKAEG Submissions:

Designers Against Division SXSW Panel Picker

Experts in behaviour change and design, Jane Asscher and Kieran McBride unpack the power of diversity in design: how it shapes our societies and leads to advancements in the real economy. When you’re designing, you’re problem solving, and the SXSW audience is perfectly placed to drive greater social inclusion and equality by applying diversity in design, so that we can solve for all.

How to Save the World? Fix Masculinity

Long-held narratives of masculinity and men have fuelled harmful behaviours. The media has exacerbated this issue, hindering progress. Embracing a fresh, progressive perspective, that acknowledges men’s readiness for positive change, and relieving cultural masculinity pressures are vital for a better and equal future.

Gen AI: Creative Cheat Code or Tool For Disruption?

Everyone is talking about the power of AI and its promise to make our lives easier, ‘it’s the cheat code’. But when it comes to Generative AI and how it’s impacting the creator economy, is that really the truth? Is it a disruptor? Do we even bother? Come and find out in our session.

The New $$$ of Brand Experience

The glamour. The intimacy. The exclusivity. What about sport? Netflixification. Take its F1 show. It’s given fans unique access. But what really drives fan growth? WEvent industry vet David Ball investigates these & more as he peaks inside the F1 Garage with Charlene Nyantekyi.

How Conscious Creativity Gets You Out of a Hot Mess

Who signed that shit off? Much has been said about the tone-deaf campaigns in recent times.
In this fireside chat, we’ll explore why and how things slip through the net and how the good stuff happens.
After all, having heart, soul, and common sense in your work is something that AI can’t do, yet.

New Humanitarianism: An Everywhere and Everyone Problem

Globally, 1 in 23 now need aid. White saviourism and bucket shaking be gone. In a new world, we need new tactics, a revolution without the hype. Our session’s about new thinking and new collaborations. Unexpected brand partnerships. Come to hear how The Xchange is turning hope into action with stories from the local heroes on the front line.

Artful Introductions: Designing Unskippable Title Sequences

The Sopranos. The Wire. Succession. The White Lotus. What’s your favourite title sequence? In the age of skippable content this unique artform is in danger of getting lost, so how do you make iconic and truly unskippable title sequences? Vote for Coffee & TV’s visionary Designer and Director Ed Kevill-Davies to take to the stage at SXSW 2024 for a high-octane interactive workshop hosted by industry legend and founder of Motionographer, Carlos El Asmar.

AdLand’s Class Ceiling: Why Class Anxiety Is A Global Problem

Class, we’re told, is a UK problem, one epitomised by private schools and Downton Abbey. But what if class isn’t just about how you take your tea? What if class, and the enduring inequality it facilitates, is just as powerful, just as divisive, and just as destructive all over the world? What if it’s an inequality devil wearing many masks?

Advertising’s Guilty Secret: Why We’re ACTUALLY Scared Of AI

Since AI smashed into the mainstream 18 months ago, advertising has been up-in-arms. While some herald AI as a democratiser of creativity, adland sees creative oblivion: something that’ll replace executional excitement with a sea of beige. Industry-sceptic Dan Cullen-Shute and a very special AI-sceptic guest go head-to-head to decide.

Fuck Purpose: Time For Advertising To Save the world 

At SXSW 2022, Dan Cullen-Shute railed against advertising’s obsession with purpose, its stubborn refusal to award work people actually like, and its steadfast denial of any connection with capitalism. In 2023, he’s singing a slightly different tune: with Child Poverty Action Group CEO, Alison Garnham and CEO of CALM, Simon Gunning, he’ll explore the times when advertising gets it right. How a combination of smart thinking, creative excellence and an ability to galvanise people around a problem can really make a difference. Together, they’ll argue that maybe advertising *can* save the world.

From the Valley – Can You Build a Global Brand in 100 Days?

HeyHuman will be sharing fascinating learnings on how to launch a global brand in under 100 days, how to bring people together to do that while taking care of yourself on the rollercoaster ride, and Neil Davidson is promising to run a marathon for charity if HeyHuman do get on stage at SXSW 2024!

Disrupting motorsport with tech, sustainability and equality

In this fireside chat with our partner Veloce, we’ll discuss the importance of aligning Equality, Diversity and Inclusion with commercial objectives, the role of new tech such as Web3 to drive community engagement, and the challenges posed by disrupting legacy industries from within.

Most Metaverse chat is shit. But it’s still inevitable.

In this talk, Tom will shed light on the opportunities the Metaverse presents for businesses, its challenges and how to overcome them, whilst showing how meaningful value can be found by cutting through the nonsense.

Dirt is Still Good: Is digital life robbing us of development

Over 21 years, ‘Dirt Is Good’ has embraced human development to revolutionise the laundry industry. As digital living grows, we will be discussing the impact on child development, emotional experiences, and the invaluable role of sport with leading sports psychologist and leader of ‘Dirt Is Good’.

Revealing the stain that shames

Join the leader of one of the globe’s largest laundry brands, a leading psychologist and an award-winning photographer who will guide you through the importance of recognising the existing shame of menstrual blood stains, how marketers can address taboo, the vital role of art, while showcasing a ground-breaking campaign that shares real imagery.

AR: How to Build Your Brand in Your Hand

AR: toy for geeks or tool for brands

Our superstars Dan Hulse and Julian Vizard will be taking a deep dive into the world of AR, backed with bespoke research by our friends at @System1 @uncensoredcmo and @yasminezavahir, asking the question: AR: “Toy for geeks or tool for brands?” Please VOTE for our panel to be included at SxSW – use the link in our bio!

Can we build an AI über-creative that can pass for human?

We define a new benchmark for creativity: the Faith test. Where AI creative competes with human work in a blind test in front of several top ECD’s. Our session will include a live demo from creatives, where the audience can give briefs to our AI creative or even challenge our AI to an idea-off!

Touch: The forgotten sense in a digital world.

Do we trust people more if we can physically feel their handshake on a video call? Using VR Haptic gloves and groundbreaking subconscious techniques, we’ll share what really touches our hearts and minds in the digital worlds we’re creating.

Is Wabi-Sabi Your Kemosabe? Your Brain-Gut Friendship 101

We know about gut health. Kefir Lovers, unite. But what if work stress blots out these fermented benefits?VCCP and the University of Cardiff asked, “Can the brain impact the gut?” and can the Japanese Philosophy of Ma and Wabi-Sabi save the day? We’ll reveal the results in our groundbreaking research in Austin

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