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Unleashing Purpose: Harnessing Creator Marketing to Drive Impact

JULY 13, 2023

As many brands face the challenge of aligning product-centric goals with purpose-driven marketing strategies, Billion Dollar Boy hosted a discussion during the week of Cannes Lions that explored how creators can help navigate the complex landscape of ensuring brands stand for something, avoid purpose-washing, and achieve business impact whilst delivering meaningful impact with consumers. 

Throughout the lively discussion, panelists Permele Doyle – Founder & President, Billion Dollar Boy, Sasha Pallari – Creator, plus-size model, make-up artist and changemaker, Erin Goldson – PR & Influencer Marketing Lead, Personal Care @ Unilever & the session was moderated by Becky Owen – CMO, Billion Dollar Boy shared their experiences, insights, and success stories in harnessing creator marketing for driving impact. They explored the various strategies and best practices for aligning creators with purpose-driven campaigns, ensuring authenticity, and measuring tangible outcomes.

Key Take-aways from the session included:

  • The future holds an evolving power dynamic. Brands are no longer solely responsible for defining their purpose and enlisting creators to promote it alone. We’ll witness a rise in purpose-driven joint ventures between brands and creators. Creators are leading societal change, challenging laws and representing their communities. So now, brands must pay attention and partner with purpose.
  • One of the biggest questions is: How can purpose campaigns create influence, deeply connect with consumers, and sustain success? We discovered that long-term partnerships that seek to grow over time is the answer. Brands should engage with creators with agility and humility, considering both short-term and long-term goals, and envisioning the evolution of your creator partnership over time.

As creator marketing continues to evolve and redefine traditional marketing landscapes, understanding its potential for driving impact becomes increasingly crucial. This panel discussion offered a platform for industry leaders, creators, and organisations to come together, exchange ideas, and explore the transformative power of purpose-driven collaborations.

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